Through the initiation and establishment of a co-creative partnership with God, the lay individual with a family and job can enter into a direct, mystical experience. The initial goal of the co-creative partnership is the manifestation of abundance through attraction and receptivity. The four elements associated with the manifestation process are discussed in depth. They are:

1. desire tempered by openness to receiving
2. a focused sustained thought
3. flow
4. the avenue for manifestation

Troubleshooting chapters cover each of the steps and numerous real life examples are given. There are also guidelines for establishing two-way communication with God and strengthening the co-creative partnership through surrender to Divine upgrades. 

Though Heart Journey is a lesson in the process of manifestation through attraction and receptivity, it is also a mystical path leading to spiritual maturity. Twelve co-creative thought transformations are given to shift thinking into higher consciousness. For example, the first lower thought pattern is the Do-it-Yourself-Fantasy. It is transformed into the higher spiritual awareness of Learning to Attract, Opening to Receive. The ability to attract and receive abundance is a power associated with an open and loving heart. Eight Stages of Heart Openness are defined as milestones on the journey to love and compassion, attraction and receptivity. Heart Journey is truly a journey of the heart, a journey into the heart, and the heart of the most important journey anyone can take, a journey to God.