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Mary Juno is a counselor, author, and co-creator of Heart Journey, a mystical path of self-discovery leading to spiritual maturity. She inspires people around the world to remember the Love. As teacher, witness, and spiritual midwife, Mary points you in the direction of your soul path and offers tools to discover and live wholeheartedly in co-creative partnership with your self, others, and the Divine. Her clients discover for themselves how to improve relationships, generate abundance in all forms, heal physically, enjoy right livelihood, and experience direct guidance. 

With Heart Journey, Mary aims to change the world for the better. Heart Journey is a self-surrendered path of spiritual initiation for everyone who wishes to live life with ease and support, do meaningful work you love, with those you care about, in balance, good health, and communion with God. 

Mary holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Loyola University in Baltimore, MD, and is a life-long student of mysticism, metaphysics, meditation, and heartful living.